The Science of Why 2

Answers to Questions About the Universe, the Unknown and Ourselves

Canadian Edition: Simon and Schuster. | November 2017

The Science of Why by Jay Ingram

Last year I wrote The Science of Why and, not surprisingly, it was impossible to answer all the science questions that came my way. And so, The Science of Why2. Thirty-six more questions and answers (and I’m pretty sure there are still some I’ve haven’t gotten around to). Funny thing about science questions: some seem eternal, like “Why do we have five digits on our hands and feet?”, or “Why do I get hiccups and what can I do about it?”. With some of these classic questions, at least parts of the answer surfaced only recently. Then there are questions that might not have occurred to readers, but suddenly pop up in the author’s mind, like “Can worms digest each others’ memories?” Some questions are prompted by research that is only recently completed, like “how much do people actually pee in swimming pools?”, and some, well, scientists are still puzzling over them. Check out The Science of Why2, and if you still have a question that hasn’t been answered, let me know!

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